Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A few gym announcements!

- First, thank you all for the suggestions over the last month. We weren't positive anyone would utilize the suggestion box but there have been some excellent ideas and we want you to know we're reading them all and working to implement them into the gym. A couple of suggestions that are taking place right away:

- PR Board! As you can see from the lovely PR board picture, we're now recording our biggest and best lifts on the board located next to the box jumps. Feel free to jump on over there and write your name and your current lifts. We're tracking a few key ones and three chosen Benchmark workouts. We want to add more boards, so feel free to write suggestions about which things you think we should track next!

- Going over the lifts before each class. Great suggestion here. We're working as coaches to slow down and take you guys through lift progressions for each and every class. The repetition is great for your muscle memory (aka, better lifts) and we can all use the refresher

- Beginners class/onramp class. We would love to start implementing an onramp class or beginners class when the demand calls for it - like if we had a bunch of new people joining the gym. Most gyms charge for their onramp classes because of the extra coaching hours it takes, and we feel at this point we'd rather keep our entry cost low and integrate people into the class with the appropriate hands-on coaching. So, instead of doing an onramp class right now, we're staffing extra coaches for our busiest classes/the ones where we have new people so everyone can get the extra attention they deserve, and so our newest members feel comfortable and welcomed.

- Country music day - Toni, we know that was you. 

- Slip-and-slide WODS, Getting Nick to smile more, the squatting squirts issue - well, you'll have to wait until summer for the wet WODs, Nick always smiles when you hit PRs and we're now renting diapers at the front desk. So, if you're the person with the unfortunately timed bowel movements who wrote in that suggestion - you can come up to the front desk and get a diaper anytime it's convenient for you. ;) 

Also, thank you to everyone who has shared our promotion on Facebook or passed it along to your friends. Remember, if you refer three friends that sign up we get to buy you Nanos! 

Thanks to Coach Lance for making those lines so pretty!

Thanks to Coach Lance for making those lines so pretty!