Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the first full week of 2014 - get ready to kill it! 

So, Nick and I decided that we couldn't enact a gym nutrition challenge without tackling one ourselves, so since the new year we've been packing doing a Paleo/Zone combination, which is paleo foods in Zone proportions. We'll talk more about this on Saturday post-WOD for those of you who want to hang out for our little nutrition meeting, but I wanted to pull together a list of things that will be helpful to have if you're planning to tune up your nutrition.

Tupperware Containers

 MUST have if you're planning to pack meals to go. We like the glass snap-top ones, similar to these. Costco has an awesome combo-pack on sale right now. Sometimes the larger ones are also great if you're going to cook in bulk. We use them for taco meat, other proteins or sometimes if we prep veggies.

  Tupperware city! After food prep tonight. 

Tupperware city! After food prep tonight. 

Measuring Cups/Spoons

More important if you're doing the Zone option, but still good to have.

Food Scale

Essential if you're doing the Zone - measuring will be your best friend. There are some good, inexpensive options at Fred Meyer. Make sure you get one that can be zeroed out with a plate. 

Ziplock Bags

Good for snacks on the go. 



We'll go over the food stuff that should be on your list later, but this will get you started!

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