Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Whole Life Challenge Questions - 

The number one question we've received is how much of this stuff am I supposed to be eating? Listen, if you're filling your plate with green things and protein, you're going to be fine. It's nearly impossible to overeat if you're stuffing yourself with whole, natural foods that are high in fiber. Where you can get into "trouble" per say is if you're only eating fruit (high sugar), stuffing yourself with too many nuts or just starving yourself until you binge. 

This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle where you're trying to incorporate better, natural, healthy foods in order to heal our bodies from all the crap we normally put into them. What results is leaner body composition, improved performance and in general happiness! The focus shouldn't be "who can lose weight the fastest" it should be "who improves the most in all areas". Keep that in mind as we move forward. 

If you really need a rule of thumb - think about the palm of your hand when measuring your protein portions. It should be about the same size and width. For denser carbs, say your sweet potatoes or fruit, make a fist. That's a good starting size. Then, fill the rest of your plate with as many green veggies as you want. For nuts, seeds, avocados and other fats, use your thumb as a ruler. A thumb-sized amount will keep you in check.  


As always, feel free to email us or you can text me (206-300-9891) if you have questions as we move along.