Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome to our newest members Steve and Brandon!

Happy short week! Hope you all did something fun over the weekend (besides Nick's killer WODs). Regionals are next weekend and we'll be posting information for those of you who want to come cheer on Coach Nick. We might even try to arrange some type of carpool for Saturday so we'll keep ya'll posted.

We've also had a few inquiries into Nick's famous breakfast concoction so I thought I'd post the recipe here so you ALL can enjoy. :) We'll start posting recipes more often - I know some of you are playing with the idea of going paleo.

Nick's Paleo Breakfast

1/2 cup applesauce

1/4 almond butter

1 serving vanilla protein powder

frozen berries

Mix in a bowl in that order and voila. You can also play with different ingredients - I like mine with cashew butter and I add chia seeds/flax seed too.


Snatch - 4 sets of 1. 1. 1

3 mins rest between sets

(Three singles with less than 10 seconds rest between reps)


6 minute AMRAP

5 ring dips

10 KB snatches (53/35) (5 each arm)

Rest 1 minute

8 minute AMRAP

5 cleans (135/95)

10 burpees over bar



 The Gun Show

The Gun Show