Monday, April 22 - Grand Opening WOD

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out our Grand Opening - it was great to have so many people in the helping us break in all the new equipment! We couldn't have done any of this without the support of our family and friends - we hope to see all of you back soon!



Deadlift - 3x4

Focus on form through every set


12 minute AMRAP

10 Push-press (95/65)

5 Ring Dips 

250m Row

What to Expect at Class

At the start of class we'll warm up together. The warm up is an awesome chance to get to know your fellow classmates and loosen all those muscles. After that, we'll typically move to some type of strength element - usually an Olympic or power lift - where we focus on form, capacity, or occasionally maxing out our weight. Other times we'll have one longer WOD that has a strength element in it where we expect you to push hard for the entire class period. The cool thing? It's always different and you don't ever have to wonder what to do at the gym. After our strength session we'll move into the WOD (Workout Of the Day) designed to fire your aerobic and anaerobic pathways - meaning you'll be building muscle while incorporating a cardio element in most cases as well. We finish up with a cool down/stretch out and some general commiserating about how awesome/killer the workout was. Fun is had by all! 

Also - we still have a few spots left for our early bird discount for our first 30 members so hit us up to sign up so you don't miss out! We're super excited to be officially open and to start building our Lakeside community!

- Ashley