What is CrossFit?

You've landed here so something must have piqued your interest in the sport of CrossFit - maybe you have friends that speak about it incessantly (a common side effect) or you saw the Games aired on ESPN. Whatever the reason, we're happy you're here! First, a quick rundown on what CrossFit is - with normal human speak translations.

What IS CrossFit?

Cross­Fit is the prin­ci­pal strength and con­di­tion­ing pro­gram for many police acad­e­mies and tac­ti­cal oper­a­tions teams, mil­i­tary spe­cial oper­a­tions units, cham­pion mar­tial artists, and hun­dreds of other elite and pro­fes­sional ath­letes worldwide.

Scared yet? Don't be it's also perfect for the everyday person looking to get in amazing shape. The movements very by degree not type so everything is adjustable to any level.

Our pro­gram deliv­ers a fit­ness that is, by design, broad, gen­eral, and inclu­sive. Our spe­cialty is not spe­cial­iz­ing. Com­bat, sur­vival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fit­ness and, on aver­age, pun­ish the specialist.

Combat?! Survival?! No worries - all this means is that our workouts are designed to make you kick ass at normal life . We don't specialize in any specific genre of exercise. For instance, if you're an avid marathon runner you'd probably suck at a weightlifting competition. Does this mean you're in bad shape? Not at all - it simply means your body has adapted to your specialization which happens to be running for miles on end. CrossFit is designed to create all-around great athletes by challenging them on different levels - whether it be oly lifting, running, rowing or gymnastic movements. 

The Cross­Fit pro­gram is designed for uni­ver­sal scal­a­bil­ity mak­ing it the per­fect appli­ca­tion for any com­mit­ted indi­vid­ual regard­less of expe­ri­ence. Cross­Fit uses same rou­tines for elderly indi­vid­u­als with heart dis­ease and cage fight­ers one month out from tele­vised bouts. We scale load and inten­sity; we don’t change programs.

Net-net - if you're dedicated to the performing the programming you'll achieve results. Even if you're tailoring the movements to fit your level. Intensity varies from person to person and doesn't have some strict measurement. And intensity is what gets results.

The needs of Olympic ath­letes and our grand­par­ents dif­fer by degree not kind. Our ter­ror­ist hunters, skiers, moun­tain bike rid­ers and house­wives have found their best fit­ness from the same regimen.


Thou­sands of ath­letes world­wide have fol­lowed the work­outs and dis­tin­guished them­selves in com­bat, the streets, the ring, sta­di­ums, gyms and homes.

What does distinguishing yourself mean for you? It might be competing at the highest level of CrossFit competition - or it could be chasing your kids around without getting winded. Either way, CrossFit can provide the training you need to be a happy, healthy individual at any level.