Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Monday! A big thanks to Stephanie, Chong, Charlotte, Brandon, Ben and of course our families for coming out to cheer us on during the Gorilla Games on Sunday! Some highlights:

- Nick placed 5th in the men's firebreather division! 


- Dan had a great performance in the Men's Open division, finishing in the top 20 and placed 2nd in the front squat workout! Dan - I know you have better pictures so send some our way - but check out your pull-up in this one. Heads above the competition. :)


- The Lakeside Team (Lance, Kevin, Tara and Ashley) gave a solid performance and placed 18 out of 60 teams in the 25-minute chipper!


- Coach Brianna competed on a team as well and gave a great performance!

- Regionals athlete and gym friend Daniel Spray sporting a Lakeside shirt at the comp. He placed 6th in the men's firebreather division. Woo hoo!

photo (1).JPG

The Gorilla Games was fun, motivating and gave everyone great things to work on in the future. Next year - ALL OF YOU are participating. Just kidding, but if anyone is ever interested in competition training, let us know and we'll get you working toward the next one.