Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fitness is Optional

I read an article today (link here and below) that really resonated with me. The main premise (spoiler alert) is that fitness, unlike other things in life that we consider life necessities, is optional. You won't die (at least immediately) if you forgo your fitness. You don't need it like you need food or water or shelter to survive. Honestly, if you lounge around all the time, you'll live. Maybe not as long, but you'll live. Fitness is a choice that you make, and have to continuously force yourself to make over and over again. They say you have to do something 21 times in a row to make it a habit, but that's a big fat lie. Committing to something that takes you out of your comfort zone requires constant dedication. There is never an "easy button" that just stays engaged. There is just a battle of will and a commitment to a future goal. This article in Forbes sums this up nicely - click here



It's easy to look at someone like the top Games athletes, or Nick (as a more familiar example) and think that they're past a certain "point" and that they never struggle to get to a workout. There are definitely certain things, physically, that get easier, but the mental battle is much tougher. These athletes have mastered the mindset necessary to really commit to a goal. We all make tiny choices every day that either bring us closer to, or further away from our goals. As the article says, when you think about it, there really are no cheat days. Everything you do is accumulating to form your future self. 

I'm not meaning to get too philosophical with you guys, I'm only bringing it up because after starting a new job and tackling the Seattle - Tacoma commute, I've been having a really hard time getting to CrossFit. I think it's important that you all know that everyone - even if we've been doing CF for a long time - struggles with motivation every now and then. The article is really great and if you have a spare minute, you can click here to read it.