Tuesday, November 18, 2013


Keep it up this week - staying consistent and getting your gym days in up front makes sticking to your other weekly goals that much easier. Working out affects you life in a lot of different ways. And even though the weather is getting colder, make sure to keep that water intake up - decaffeinated tea counts too if you're looking for something warmer. Caffeine tends to dehydrate you so stay away from too many caffeinated drinks during the day. :) We all hit that 2pm work slump but drinking sufficient water should minimize that a little bit.

Burpee Rule Enforcement

Just an FYI all the coaches will be really enforcing our on-time burpee rule. That means you'll be performing 5 burpees per minute you're late no excuses! That goes for coaches too! If you're more than 15 minutes late for class we'll ask you to wait for the next session. Listen to your coach's instruction if you're going to be late - they may ask you to sub burpees for your warmup (those get ya pretty warm anyway!) or if you're late for the last class you may have to skip the strength session. We want to make sure we're getting everyone the best possible experience. Also as part of this...

Warm-Up As A Group

I know we've been advocating coming in early and getting your warmup done, but we're going to ask now that you wait until the coach starts class to being your warm-up. Still feel free to come in early, get stretched out, mobilize, work on weaknesses. Anything you want! We'll just run the warmup together so it minimizes that time the early people are hanging around waiting if later people show up. 


Tara's one-rep max front squat - 175#