Monday, October 7, 2013

It looks like everyone had a great time meeting Sally this weekend - I have a date with her today so I'm hoping she's nice to me although the videos below look pretty brutal. I attempted to do "air squat Sally" on Saturday in my apartment. Let's just say Sally went down and stayed there. You all have my profound respect for pushing through and I'm currently experiencing some quad-envy.  We've got some beasts in the box!


Most of you have been doing CrossFit for a little while now, so you've seen the peaks and valleys that come with training at this level on a consistent basis. The first several months tend to be big gain months - you're losing weight, feeling the benefits of extra energy and hitting goals consistently. It's completely inspiring and getting into the gym (besides the soreness part) takes very little effort. However, now that we're getting into the colder weather seasons and you're all starting to come into the swing of your CrossFit routine, I wanted to talk about goal setting and tips for keeping your motivation high even when you might not experience the same crazy gains or when you find yourself facing a setback

I know what you're thinking - goal setting feels like one of those things that sounds great, but is sorta a "fluff" piece in addition to your hardcore (awesome, badass) training at LCF. That it's a "nice to have" not "need to have" thing. You're totally right. You don't have  to practice goal-setting and if you decide not to participate in our little goal exercise (further explanation below - see I'm forcing you to keep reading...) no hard feelings. Working out is a totally personal thing. However, I can tell you from experience that having set goals, writing them down where everyone can see them and letting others take a part in keeping you accountable is a great way to push past any upcoming barriers. It's also a freaking awesome way to be inspired by the people around you. It's way cooler when Paris does a pull-up if we all know it's been on his goal list for the last 6 months. It creates unity within the gym and in turn strengthens our community. A strong community is an awesome community. Just sayin. 

 A small sampling of our awesome community!

A small sampling of our awesome community!

 Now that I've conned you into reading this entire thing, we wanted to announce that we'll be using a section of the whiteboard through the end of the year to record some of our member goals. We want each of you to think of a few goals (tips for creating those below) and write them on the whiteboard next to your name so we can all take part in helping you achieve those - from the coaching staff to the other participants.  

Getting To Your Goals  

1.  Keep 'Em Clear

In order to achieve a goal you have to be pretty darn precise about what exactly  you're hoping to achieve. Write your goals on the board, share them with your coaches and other gym buds and most importantly keep reviewing them yourself. Eye on the prize at all times.

2. Extra Protein Won't Instantly Make You Froning

We're looking for things you can reasonably achieve in the next few months because short-term goals help keep us motivated while reaching our greater long term goal (which should be some variation of health, fitness, or overall awesomeness improvement). If you're doing banded pull-ups, a good goal might be to transition to a thinner band by X date. Maybe you want to increase your clean max by 10 lbs. If you're having trouble finding goals for yourself, ask one of the coaches to help you pick a few things to focus on. Sometimes an outside perspective is great for goal setting. After you pick your goals, make a roadmap for achieving them. The coaches can get you set up with extra work, exercises or ideas for hitting those numbers or tackling a new skill. 

3. Get Your Head Right 

Sometimes it's helpful to take some time and evaluate our longer term goals in addition to our short term goals. Let's face it, we're not all cut out to go to the Games and being the "most epic CrossFitter ever" is a pretty hard thing to measure. Reconciling why  you want to achieve these things and approaching them with a positive mental attitude is a cornerstone to success. I would recommend not tying your gym success to a number on the scale. We'll discuss this in a later blog post, but the scale is only one very limited (and usually inaccurate) measurement of health. Instead focus on the doing  instead of the losing  and you'll find by focusing mentally on improving your performance, you typically meet those other physical goals without really trying. 

This video has an awesome message about perception and physical appearance that I think is great for everyone to see:

 Whatever your goals, we're looking forward to seeing them board and doing everything we can to make sure you achieve them! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions, but otherwise start brainstorming! 

All right, onto the real reason you guys come to this blog, to see what torture we have in store for you today!


Awesome Sally videos!  

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