Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A few important gym announcements! 

As the morning people know, Ashley was recently offered a really amazing job promotion with a PR agency that was too good to turn down. That means that while she won't be coaching classes during the week, she'll be around on the weekends cheering everyone on and handling the blog, events and marketing moving forward. (Get ready for a pretty awesome Christmas party announcement!)

With the recent changes, we've decided to invite a few of our great coaches to take more of a leadership role within the gym. We're adding Dan Griffin and Lance Humes to the ownership team and we are both so excited to have their input, ideas, expertise and positive energy contribute to the greater good of the entire gym. What does this mean for you guys? 

- Lance and Dan will be around the gym a whole lot more (woo hoo!)

- You'll benefit from their coaching expertise and individual strengths

- Availability of more classes in the future (as needed) 

- More support for the gym overall

Our number one goal with the gym is to make it an environment where you can all come, learn, and improve all within a supportive community setting. We've had the great fortune of having an awesome group of members and coaches that keep our box fun and challenging. We hope you're as excited for the additions as we are! Make sure and congratulate the guys when you see them in the gym next. 

Alright, now onto the WOD!