Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hand Care 101

I saw quite a few bloody hands yesterday from the gym encounter with Eva. While it's "hardcore" for us to post pictures of tears, in all reality we're looking to minimize that type of injury. It is uncomfortable, takes a while to heal and we're usually looking to maximize our training days and not be in terrible pain every time we wash our hands. :)  

What can you do to help a hand tear heal? 


Wash it Out

Wh ile extremely painful, washing your hand out is the first step to making sure it heals properly. Use warm water and antibacterial soap to clear any debris.  

Trim Up the Skin

If the skin is already flapping, it's dead and will just harden and cause you more discomfort. Using small scissors go ahead and cut away any excess skin.  

Keep It Protected

For the first day or so, keep the area moist and treated with some type of antibiotic ointment. There are rumors that Preparation H also helps, but I haven't tried it so you're on your own there. After the first few days you can remove the bandages and start letting the area dry out.

Tips to Keep Training

Torn hands but want to keep training? Try a skin glue or second-skin type of adhesive. A lot of people find those useful if you're looking to keep hitting it hard in the box. Feel free to use the tape in the gym to help as well - although I would advise against putting it straight onto your torn skin. (Lesson learned the hard way).  

How Do We Prevent Tears in the Future? 

This video is a great resource on hand care and the way to properly keep your little mitts soft and ready for hundreds of pain-free pull-ups. 

 Tough workout for a Wednesday. Let's get it!