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Get Started with Lakeside Body metcon class!

The focus of Lakeside Crossfit’s Body Metcon class is skill development and exposure to CrossFit’s basic movements.  This class is shaped around light weight or body weight movements without the use of a barbell. 

This program is designed to expose newcomers to our movement curriculum without the stress of heavy lifting while learning proper technique. Worried about trying out your first class? Don't worry, coaches will ensure that all athletes are correctly displaying proper form and are comfortable with all movements prior to completing a workout. 

If you are interested in joining our CrossFit classes, we will need to see sufficient movement standards for you Body Metcon movements and then we can have you join CF classes once you feel ready!


1.    Show up to every class – We realize life happens and there may be a class you have to miss but this is a 1 month opportunity to dedicate yourself to something.  You get 1 freebie miss.  Should you have to miss more than one class you MUST schedule a time to make the class up with a coach.  Cost of a personal training session is $50.

2.    Ask questions – This is your program.  You should feel comfortable asking questions and getting clarification on what you don’t know or understand.  Our intent is to take you through the basics with plenty of instruction but unfortunately we are not mind readers.

3.    Push your limits – Safety is our #1 goal but we want you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Just because you haven’t ever tried something doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it.  Push yourself to become better and you will be amazed by the results.

4.    Have fun!  Again, this your opportunity for a fresh start on fitness.  Don’t take everything so seriously!  We will joke at class (sometimes at our own expense) and we expect you to do the same.  If you aren’t having fun, what is the point?!?! 

To sign up, email us at lakesidecrossfit@gmail.com

Membership Types:


Monthly Unlimited $170/Month + Tax -  Looking for the most iron for your buck? This is the plan for you. Join any of our classes, no restrictions. Best for those looking to follow the recommended 3 - 5 days of CrossFit workouts a week!

Couples Unlimited $250/Month + Tax - Married, living together or just in love we don't discriminate. Must pay with the same credit card monthly.  

10 Visit Punch card $180 + Tax - Perfect option if you're visiting or just planning to pop in now and then. Expires three months from issue date.

Body Metcon Class:

Monthly Unlimited $80/Month + Tax - Looking for that bootcamp style class with CrossFit movements and intensity? This is the class for you! We will be focused on bodyweight movements involving conditioning, gymnastics, and strength building exercises. Limited to only 3 days a week based on scheduling & Open gym access on Friday. 

Couples Unlimited $130/Month + Tax - Married, living together or just in love we don't discriminate. Must pay with the same credit card monthly.  

Everyone gets their first drop-in class free! Please schedule drop-ins using our contact form or calling/emailing the gym so we can be sure we have room and a coach available to greet you. Visiting CrossFitters must have experience before joining class.  

Ask us about family rates and discounts - 10% off for military, fire, police or students. 

*10% discount to any annual PPD membership (restrictions apply)

Want to try before you buy?

We realize you may not be sure you want to jump in two feet first yet.  Totally understandable!  We offer you a free drop in class if you want.

Step 1 - Fill out the info form found here.

Step 2 - Come see us for your free first class! You'll spend time talking to a coach, assessing your fitness level and then you'll get down and dirty with an appropriately modified WOD. Feel like just swinging by to say hey? That's fine by us too. Drop in, see the gym and check us out!

Step 3 - Interested in group classes? Let's pick a membership plan that works for you. Want a little more one-on-one attention? Sign up for personal training sessions.