These are the rules we live by here at Lakeside CrossFit.  Our gym is built around it's members and respect for each other.  We are all here to make each other better. We work hard and have fun. 


1. Check your ego at the door.  We don’t care about it.

2. Arrive early and stay late.  If you are late there is a 5 burpee penalty per minute.  Cheer, clap, and encourage others

3. Work hard!  Everyone here trains at different levels, yours is what matters.  Push yourself to your max.  Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed.

4. Respect your gym - clean your bars (bleeding is acceptable and expected but clean it up), pick up your equipment.  We aren’t your mothers.

5. Listen while the coach is talking!  We are here for you so please respect us when we talk.

6. If your socializing after class do so in the lobby or respect the coach trying to coach the next class

7.  Never walk in front of someone while they are doing a lift (squats, cleans, snatches)

8. We are respectful but we aren’t politically correct.  Grunting, screaming, cursing is all encouraged during your workout.  If you aren’t, lift more weight!

9. Introduce yourself to others!  You know how awkward it felt on the first day

10. Do not cheat.  Do every rep with solid technique no matter the time it takes.  You are only cheating yourself and there is no honor in cheating

11.  You’re allowed to cry before, during and after the workout just don’t act like a baby or complain

12.   Don’t cherry pick WODS.  We do a lot of tough movements and workouts. CrossFit is about being well rounded, not just showing up on days where you can post a good score. If you want to get better you show up and work through the ‘suck’

13.   HAVE FUN!